Automated Attitude

We create synthetic identities that mirror the unique tones, styles, and vocabularies of brands and individuals.

Meet otto

otto, our brand mascot and the first synthetic identity we created, embodies our innovative approach. An AI that’s curious, adaptable, and unique ready to show you the potential of AI-driven communication.


How It Works

  1. Data Collection: We gather data that captures your brand’s essence - from social media posts to customer interactions.

  2. Synthetic Identity Creation: Utilising large language models, we develop a unique identity that speaks like you.

  3. Integration: Your new AI identity is ready to engage your audience, from automated customer service to personalised content creation.

The Technology Behind Automated Attitude

We employ the latest in AI research and technology, fine-tuning large language models to create something truly revolutionary. From speech-to-text transcription for in-depth analysis to creating models that evolve with your brand, we're at the cutting edge.